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Warrick's Journal

Long and the short of it,

My weight loss continues, with me at 370 at last measurement..


Recently, I tried to apply for my Canadian Passport to find out that Oh yes, my Birth certificate is not suitable proof of Citizenship and I need to apply for a Certificate of Citizenship.

.. Yeah, I'm not happy with this.

Anyhoo, yeah.. needless to say.. Rob is NOT a happy camper at all.

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Just a quick entry about my efforts in losing weight.

Currently as of last Weigh In I was at 401.6 (this was Yesterday) .. I started this process back in November at 449 lbs.

Man, it feels damn good.. I'm moving better, getting out more.. wanting to get out more.. exercising more, finding it easier TO exercise.. having more FUN exercising.. yeah. :)

The program I'm going through (BMI Medical) is worth the cost associated with it if you wanna give it an honest go.
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Just a quick update for all who might not be aware, but I've begun a Weight loss program through BMI medical, here in Ottawa.


All in all, balanced program. ^_^;

Aside from this, not much else.. this Friday's where I find out if I've lost anything since beginning the program.
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Of late, I have taken to playing the game Call of Duty 4 in Multiplayer on a reasonably extensive basis.

It is a rather fun First Person Shooter, that managed to entice a buddy of mine who isn't as preferential to such games to play it (though at the same time, he was in part buying it as part of a LAN party we were planning). The single player campaign though I have not completed it, I can tell from reviews and similar it was short, though not without it's 'What the *bleep*' moments.

Having played it online for a while in Multiplayer, I decided I'd put up a bit of my thinking when it comes to such. Specifically, I have three major complaints when playing online multiplayer:

1) Due to the built in anti-hacking software being a pain in the rear to try to update and get working correctly, I have had to play on servers that do not have it intrinsically enabled. Yes, this sucks and is frustrating but I have learned to adapt to a point. Unfortunately, when some right festive idiot decides that using a Hack to "Pwn" people as it's so wonderfully known it tends to twinge off the part of me that prefers fair play. Unless there's administrators on said servers, there's little that can be done (at least on the ones I play on regularly which have the Voting options disabled).

I do not think unless I can get the specific anti-hacking software to work properly this will change as much, however by the same token I will confess freely that I have had games where I was certain no one was hacking and it was a wonderful time all in all.

2) One of the aspects of Call of Duty 4 I like, is the earning of Experience through both playing in games and earning specific objectives, or 'Achievements'. Yes, this is like the XBOX 360 Achievement system, I don't care I like it. As part of this process of experience and achievements, you earn higher rank or level (starting at Private and I think Brigadier General is the highest). A benefit of this, not too long into the process you gain the ability to customize your own kit of equipment (one Primary weapon such as an Submachine Gun or Assault Rifle , one Sidearm usually a Pistol, and three 'Perks' or special advantages). This helps those who play long enough earn a wider variety of different weapons and tricks to use. The game is built in a way that you always get some experience points in a match so long as you were playing for reasonable amount of time (most matches run 20 minutes).

Some of the Perks are very basic but useful, such as Deep Penetration (yes yes all of you with sick minds, go ahead and laugh) , Double Tap (which increases the weapon's rate of fire, quite good for things such as Bolt action weapons, or your Sidearms), and various options such as being equipped with RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) , Claymore Mines (a Set mine which is triggered when someone walks in front of a cone area), or C4 charges which are set by remote Detonator.

However, one of the Perks which you get mid way or a bit further then mid way into your experiential foray is known as Martyrdom. What it does, is when killed, you drop a live and armed grenade in the same area you perished. This does not bode well in a multitude of situations (such as in Team matches, where Friendly Fire is on, and you perished in midst of your comrades). It is also, one of the most obnoxious perks I think exists in the game to be quite frank, considering how irritating it can be especially if you're the poor sod who manages to successfully kill the person, while standing next to them. Thankfully, the grenade does have a couple of second delay so you can, if thinking straight run like mad and get away from the blast radius.

This doesn't always work. Especially when you run around like a chicken with your head cut off like I do at times in this game. Point of fact, because of my tendency to close in on whatever I am engaging, I have more then once ended up at the wrong end of this particular Perk, and usually to the sounds of my frustration.

Worse yet, there are Challenges for experience tied to this bloody perk. Thankfully, only one series of three tiers (succesfully kill 1, 5, and 15 people with it) , so it's easy to be done with quickly if you wanted to.

I decided to for the experience, but afterwards I switched it right off and went to my more preferred perk of Deep Penetration (waits for the snickers).

"But Warrickomega, If this is such an annoying perk , why do you play in a game with it?" some might ask. Well, there are other wonderful perks which make this experience a much more flexible and enjoyable one as compared to some shooters. There is another perk you can get earlier which is off a similar ken, known as Last Stand, where essentially if 'Killed' you get a chance on the ground to try to take out your assailant with your sidearm before expiring. This particular perk is neat and more comparitively balanced.

3) Now we come, to the third point of my frustrations and the last with this game. I know some here who find bunnies adorable, who find them cute and cuddly and giggle whenever they hop around. So do I.

However, hopping around like a *bleeping* bunny rabbit is annoying, and has been a problem in First Person Shooters for as long as they've existed. That said, in Call of Duty 4 it is still harder and yet, some people manage to do it.

Going back to the Challenges section mentioned earlier, having decided to look up all the challenges I discovered to my horror, that there's a challenge which requires you to successfully make kills while in midair. This, makes me want to put my head through my flatscreen so I can jump into the Net and find whoever came up with such a ridiculous challenge, and wring their necks.

Ah, I digress it is only a game. I suppose the testosterone in me is what inspires the frustration, but who knows.

Game on!

Warrickomega, Signing off.

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I confess, it's been a damn long time since I've posted anything on my Journal, so here's my life in a nutshell:

- Haven't had work since the end of my Government work. I have had an oppritunity to work through Investors' Group as an independant Financial consultant but had to decline as it would require an investment of at least 300$ which does not offer any guarantee of work at the end of it.

- I've been to my first LAN party, yaay. That so far has worked out reasonably well and was quite fun. I owe thanks to my buddy TimeTree (not on LJ sadly) , for being able to host when it looked like our original plan was going to go to pot because of scheduling issues. Call of Duty 4 and Company of Heroes make for INTERESTING LAN Gaming.

- Recently my folks have been out West, to go to my Cousins' wedding. T'was quite an interesting experience from what they described. If they had more money and thusly either could have stayed longer or did more I think they'd have been happier , but they still had fun. It was nice having the house to myself for a week.

- Aside from these points, my life really has been mostly me poking at Job oppritunities, poking around online and doing pretty much sweet frack all. While I've been attending SCA meetings when I can the most recent I couldn't make due to that being the weekend I had the house to myself, and I had a guest who'd stayed overnight for a couple of nights. *honestly, it slipped my mind too as if I thought of it with reasonable time I'd have made arrangeements for him to leave in the early afternoon well before*

- Recently I have seen: Tropic Thunder, Traitor, The Dark Knight *duh* , amongst other movies. I am wondering what my Dad will want to go see next, but can't persay predict save possibly Bangkok Dangerous *actiony but meh elsewise* , or Passchendale *drools*.

I must admit to a certain lacking in energy these days: I suppose in part, limited funds and limited activity that requires doing outside of a few basic chores doesn't tend to help much. Hopefully an oppritunity for work comes again soon, but we shall see.

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Well with my new temporary contract I'll actually be working away from home, YAAY..

However, given the times involved I don't know how much time i'll have on my computer save weekends. Ah well, tis ok.

In any case, I apologize in advance if I'm pretty far behind on LJ events.

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Hello and Good Afternoon

As discussed at the most recent meeting of the Canton on January
27th, there is need for an updated contact list. Having volunteered
to compile such a list, I now ask of you the members of the Canton of
Caldithrig to contact me privately via email at (Warrick1 at
rogers.com)with the following details:

- Your mundane name
- Your SCA name
- Your telephone number (whichever you would prefer used for contact)
- Your email address

At this time the tenative plan is that the contact list on completion
is not intended for dissemination through any current website, but
instead through email or paper copy. This will be confirmed at
earliest possible oppritunity with the Senechal and with the other
members at large of the Canton.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and please do not hesitate
to contact me if you have any concerns at the above email address.

In Service,
Roibeard (Robert J. Humes)


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Small rant:

Anyone following the Robotech series would have recently seen the fight between Max and Miriya Sterling. Were you to have watched this, you'd have noted the fact they were using knives on eachother like fencing swords.

You know, for a Fencer, this'd make sense: When did either thr RDF or Zentradi Air Force teach their people to use knives like Epees?

If I can swing it together I might write a fanfilm script for a redux of that fight done more reasonably. *grumbles* ..

I also wanna re-write the scene not long after where Max introduces Miriya to Rick , just cause..

And for those who aren't Robotech fans, I am sorry to have not cleaved it out but I don't quite know how. Don't suppose anyone could educate me?

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Amongst other things, I wanted to just poke and send a long a conveyance in general stating how I am doing. Work's been slow (IE no work's come my way yet since after the Holidays) , but they anticipate more coming soon, though it's going to be annoying to heck especially if I can't get any work in before the 15th as that's the cutoff date for any work payable this month. (My pay periods are the 1st to 15th, then 16th onward in a month) ..

Aside from that, I saw the Kite Runner last night. It's a good movie and I suggest it for most anybody. Even those who prefer action movies or similar, I will still suggest to go see it. It's a story which may have been seen before in the actual base story of it, but the telling and showing of Afghanistan pre-Soviet invasion, during the Soviet invasion, and post-Soviet/Taliban era is pretty good. (Admittedly by the end I had trouble deciding if I hated the Soviets or the Taliban more but that's just my own two bits)

Like I said, IMHO it's worth going to see the movie.

Anyone who's read the book *I haven't* .. my dad explained only a couple of things got left out *though what he explained it does make sense why they left it out*


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For Christmas I got:

- Bioshock (Xbox 360)
- Mass Effect (Xbox 360)
A second Xbox360 Controller
PC games:
- Heroes of Might and Magic V (Along with Tribes of the East)
- Heroes of Might and Magic Dark Messiah
- Neverwinter Nights 2 Mask of the Betrayer (with the intention of getting Neverwinter Nights 2)
- A new Sweater, pair of black jeans and two floral type shirts.
Mario Party (DS)
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)
A new pair of waterproof gloves
Various choclates and similar
PC Gamer and PC world magazines
Monster pencil Sharpener (from Crayola)

And, Cranium the Canadian Edition! :)
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